Twisted Language



Our native countries are world apart, language

Twisted. We have no history, personally. We never

Spoke. Except “Excuse me.” Not even an appreciation.

Stare. The evil stare as if I killed the whole family.

Why should I deserve this nasty ignorance?

Voice, when it screeched, Accent spit,

Pointing fingers to the guiltless me. Offended I was.


“CHING CHONG!”... I heard it high quality… “THESE

CHING CHONGS!” My mind puzzled after the imitated

Fake pronunciations and vocabulary of my tongue.

Cheese eating mouse. For it is that this obnoxious comment

Tensed my heart, explosion. Mercy tugged me away, surrender

Angered could not fill in the blanks of this abhor nonsense.

Reminded they were, of only their feelings


“This chink gets me tight” Whispered but I manage to

Hear. “Goodness!” Like I was unaware spoken

Directly of me. Emphasis, each syllable spoke hate.

Lost. Understanding tangled. Turn faced friend

“Is she out of her mind? Thank god I can still hold it in!”

Proud for calmness, till the day I leave for good.

Strong on stance -“Once I leave, I’m not keeping” fired up I was,

“Let them know how disgusting they sound.” “Like trash.”


“I’M TIRED OF FORGIVING!” yelled in my brain.

Physically, I am Chinese, but understand, I did no wrong

For you to speak down upon me. Small eyes, accent little,

Black healthy hair. Blessed, as I am. Foolishly you speak,

However how better you are to a normal me? - reminding

not for forgiveness. About to learn- “Karma” Watch out. I

whispered. So they can’t hear.

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