Someone will see

I am waiting for the day or even the moment when someone looks at me and instead of saying I look upset or worried or just plain stressed out… all of which pry is true but I am waiting until that one person looks at me, realizes the truth and in an understanding way of notice says, I look like someone who sees the time slipping away from them.

                Not the best wording but it is true. To describe my constant time, I am way too aware of the slippery passage of time and it makes me how I seem and what others only simply perceive as upset but it is more than that. It is the weight of my knowledge of the time. Me realizing how many minutes I just wasted, how many went by or what deadline I just missed. That is what they see but no one realizes they see it in me yet. Because they do not know that look, they overlook it but one day….

                One day someone who’d have to be special will see and realize that. They will see that I look like someone who is all too aware of time slipping away from them. 


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