Wide awake

wide awake

once again

hoping sleep will be my friend

but for now

its late

late at night

my mind too filled to drift away

tricking my eyes to see fairies flying free in the illusions of dancing lights

the tricks show villages,

and battling knights from dueling kingdoms

sadly the melatonin has not taken me yet

because my body is tired

worn out from the day of fighting through fields of sorrow

but my mind is awake

it wants to roam to the corners of my mind

the likes of which I have long forgotten

my mind travels into my imagination and torments me with images of what could have been

and in the midst of my drunken imagination

my heart stings

and loneliness envelops me

the pain stabs my heart

but sometimes I don't want to be a part

of this foolish world

of this painful life

droning on and on

I just want



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