When I was a small


When I was a small child I would dream

I would dream reams ha woul ake me far off,

the dreams made me an astronaut on a space ship

the galaxies were mine to control, i wold surf the skies

but one day i grew up, things changed

Space was no longer quit so possible

But a ship just might be

if i couldn't sail the skis then the sea i would roam

Thw sea was a great, vast, and an unexplored new wonder


off i went to find myself a ship,

once i wasn it i knw, this was it

I stepped on and looked all about,

The wod was soft as i ran my hand across it,

I could feel it, i could be free, new, joyful, happy

I could be what ever i wantd

looking out at the heavens above, the stars in their glory

and the depts below, the fish with pride and beauty

i would never be alone

looing forward ontoa full sea ahead

an endless amount of oppertunities,

the beautiful sea, with it shimmering surface

and the beautiful creatures, it was where i was meant to be

my whole new world


but once again it came time to grow up, things changed

this new reality was no longer real

the taste of the salt water left my mouth dry

the vista lef me needing more

looking out at the nothingness of the ocean

a blank sheet

the eerie silence was deafening,

enough to make any man go mad

i was expecting more, the adventur, the joy, the excitment, the challege

it was no longer a possibility

why! why have you robbed me of my child hood love?

my hopes, desires, wants, and dreams.

i want more, i need more, i require more



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