A sleep inducing drug

prescribed for a heart like mine


A heart who is always sprinting

up a staircase that never



ends. and down and up and down again

It races it's way around my chest

And through my fingers

down to my toes

up up up through my neck

Beating into my head

spinning with stress

And to do lists

And places to be

And things I forgot

And the ever present need to scream

Sorry can't talk now!

Stop distracting me!

Please leave me alone so I can





but then a soporific kiss and

My heart faints in it's place, still and


And we fall into a sleepy kiss that

slowly lays an ice cube on my burning heart

dims the fluorescent lights in my head

all I can think about

is you

Only place i need to be

Is here


You are my melatonin

You grab my stress

in your hands and throw it aside

You make my heart sleep

A peaceful dream

Finally resting after a 10 mile run

And I can't help but smile because

I feel at peace

I feel happy

And I can't help but hope

that the doctor prescribes me some more

Because this drug

is addicting


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