A girl's mind is like speghetti

So, brace yourself and get ready

Expectations are always high

Romantics things make us want to cry

Love is love

There is none above

A boy is a boy 

They are a species we love to annoy

All I have to say is they are hard to understand 

or even get the upperhand

Or at least we think

Because they ssay we stink

Everything depends on us

At least that's the fuss

We all have pride

Sometimes we hide

Boys try not to be vulnerable 

Which can caues them to be miserable

Girls are naive 

It doesn't take much for us to believe

It so intrgueing 

This causes alot of fatiguing 

The touch of someone's hand can make it impossible to stand

When you fall in love it is hard to land

When you do it can be like pillow

Or tears fall down like those on a willow

These are common things that connect us all

We all take the fall

Like a blossom on a tree we sit and wait

Just like fishing bait

Then someone comes along and reels us in

Then things begin

Life is a metaphor

Just don't sit back and ignore

Instead go out and ignite a flame

This way you don't have just yourself to share the blame

If you sit back and watch life go by you'll regret it

And later want to forget

Instead of being bitter

Sit in the sun and glitter

Take the river downstream

Make a wish on a magic bean

And follow your dream

Go ahead and jump jump in the rain

Release all the stress in your brain


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