All I Need is Expression

Art lets me release my pent-up feelings,

Lets me take out my frustrations,

Lets me escape my malicious thoughts.


I need expression to clear my mind.


No other thing could replace the effects that

Expression has on my mind, that

Expression has on my soul.

Don't take away the tool that let's me cope.


I need expression to let out the

Stories I've imagined.


Entrancing tales filling the depths of my mind.

eXcited, I write down the memories of

Plays and movies only I had tickets to and

Recreate conversations between myself and my mind.

Escapism I need to be able to

Survive another day of feeling unreasonably

Stressed and anxious for reasons that never really mattered.

I'll be fine if I can express myself

On paper, in words, with lines and curves and colors,

Never giving up on my imagination.

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