Dear Self

Dear Self,

Why can't you get this right?

Why do I slip

Down one-way, two-way, three-way streets

When you're at the helm of my mind?


I am unbalanced

I am chaotic 

I am the definition of ambivalance


Dear Self,

I only remember to forget

I only succeed after I fall

I chase oppurtunities

Met with slammed doors, too little too late.


I am organized under the stacks

And piles, and jumbles, and mounds

Of my mind palace


Dear Self, 

I avoid latters and open umbrellas indoors

I stumble pass doorways

And hallways and rooms

Wandering in search of something unknown.


I am superstitious

I am clumsy

I am the anomoly people write about in Dystopian Utopias.


Dear Self,

You aren't perfect, that much is true

But I forgive you.

We can ameliorate this spurn 

And extricate ourselves from convoluted caprices.


You aren't perfect

But you're mine

And I wouldn't have it any other way.


Dear Self,

Let's do this.


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