Necessary Evil


Stressed, sweaty palms, have I mentioned I hate tests?

I've literally done great all year, better than my best.

Great grades, perfect attendence, and always on time,

But the term "neccessary evil" is what comes to mind.

This test, 50 questions-short response, is the only thing that matters

If I want to climb the metaphorical, educational ladder.

Too many questions wrong, and I'm left behind.

A failure and uninteligent is how I'll be defined. 

All the hard work, throughout the year

won't make anyone hear my words and lend an ear. 

I hate tests can't stand them, and my mind  goes blank,

I'd honestly eat garbage, I'm just being frank.

I get so nervous and I don't think it's fair

I hope the system changes- please dear God, hear my prayer.




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