Stress for Success

Wed, 05/01/2013 - 11:41 -- Lovina


United States
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To be perfect,
Is to gain respect.
To be smart,
Is to relinquish my heart.
As long as I follow the code,
I won’t have to take the wrong road.
To speak with diction,
To talk without conviction,
That is what is right.
But that is not what I want to write!
I wish to be my own,
I live in my own zone.
But that cannot be,
Obviously, Can’t I see?
To be perfect is all I ever need,
I have no use to bleed.
Social Pressure is everything,
Putting my pride in a sling.
People behind me can talk,
But they can take a walk!
I am my own person.
They act as though I worsen.
I will do as I want
And forget their petty thought.
I am perfect as I am.



After being pushed around for years and striving to be the girl with the perfect grades and perfect scores this is my epiphany.

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