Stress Should Be Spelled T.E.E.N


United States
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Day by day I face an internal outcry that rages
My mind never silent
I dream word of worry
I wake with panic
Day by day I am forced to face life in an undeveloped body
I am judged for my emotions
I am judged for my body
I am judged for my beliefs
Day by day my youth haunts me
Thought to be naïve
Thought to be fragile
Thought to be frightened
Day by day I face my struggles
I wake up powerful
I walk with understanding
I sleep never regretting time spent
Day by day I am me
Day by day I am worried
Day by day I survive



Everyday we are faced with challanges. Most of these involve how others see us. Many don't understand the pressure that is placed upon us to not only be perfect, but to prove others wrong about our generation.

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