Her Ballad

you had a smile that could direct like the compass rose.
you're my end goal, the means to the sunshine in my soul.
many philosphers endeavored to capture your essence,
red rose scented, fragments of cupid's arrows implanted in my vision.
beauty is to the eye as harmony is to your voice. 
mine is raspy, thirsty for your presence to invoke my joy.
everyday i wake anticipating her smile to employ my day.
this is her ballad
we were strangers once, i was apprehensive to greet you.
but that day my heart raced as i stepped towards you
with a smile etched on my face.
but nowadays this is just a reminiscence of a past life.
something to think about to past time.
an inevitable sunday evening resurrecting those autumn days.
i revolved around old town, those dates that ended with 
the approaching of buses home bound.
you taught me something else.
this is her ballad
i almost lost myself to consciousnesses, but you rekindled 
the flame, convincing me that i could be prometheus and
claimed i could handle the fire in your heart. 
i was unaware that all things come to an end.
i could never envision this bliss being finite,
until today you approached and spoke of a misfortune;
our time was confined to two years,
now all i have left are these reminiscence.
this was her ballad.
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