The inevitable futures looms over me

On this journey to find myself

To pick a major is to pick a future

As I sit my mind wanders the world of options

Simply hoping to discover what’s next

I only want to glance through the curtain

To peek at what the future may hold

Finding the place I fit seems an unattainable goal

A piece of gold buried deep in the sand

A sweet relief and clarity of mind that I will never have

I feel time close in on me

The pressure, the thought of unknowing is unsettling, overwhelming

The questions seem to be constant,

The time everyone says I have rushes by

As I remain stationary, still, stuck in the state of confusion




You wont feel that sweet relief until you decide

You wont be free

The frustration must escape you

Before it overtakes your mind

Takes your sanity

I remain in my thoughts

As the inevitable future looms


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