The Beauty of Troubles

Fri, 05/23/2014 - 16:28 -- baye13


What would you do,

What would you say,

If someone said to draw your troubles away?

Would you paint landscapes of fire,

Of dust and of sand -

Pencil in a monochromatic new land -

Fill empty feelings with wide open plains -

A boat in an ocean to make your escape -

Tumbling blue sea side waves -

Somewhere far underground -

A wide open sky with the sun sinking down?

Would you chalk a different face for yourself -

Darken in lines of your hope for new wealth -

Crayon the soft greens of the grass,

Blues of the sky or the grays of the past -

Of rain cascading on a dimly lit city -

An angel crying, wings folded with pity -

Ink flowers of black to flow ‘round the page -

Lion and tiger growling, prowling their cage?

Would you paint pictures of life,

Of chaos or love -

Stencil in hope

Sent from heaven above -

Construct the crossroads by hand -

A dove’s simple white feather -

The sun’s shining light or the clouds of the weather?

All of this yes they ask -

Oh so simple, you say

To get lost in the beauty your troubles create.


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