My past

A island.

I need nothing but my past.
I have no more expectations for the future.
I want nothing in the moment.

Starvation and dehydration.
Something you can parish from.
But I need not of these necessitys I need my past.

I would sit on the lonesome beach side.
Relive the life I've lived before.
the memories of starvation.
The memory of pain.
Without this I would surely grow insane.

But what I am, just a boy no more.
I was never sheltered from life.
I'd accept the wrath of nature then a man.
Gun shots flying over head.
Compared to rain falling on my face.
All I need is my past.

I come from a land where we see no beach.
We struggle to get a morsel to eat.
I rather relive my past
Remember those days then to think of my needs
I rather remember then to think.

I can survive this jungle of poverty.
Gang affiliation I'm surrounded by.
Innocent bystander ducking for life.
That island sounds like pardise to escape my life.

With me I take.
My past

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My family
My community
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