I love dying

Oh how i love this

this feeling of falling apart

breaking down

its peacful knowing

and its merciful not knowing

the innocence of not having a wall

of being completely and utterly vulnerable

stripping yourself of every step youve taken

going back to the first breaths

no stress

but it lurking around the corner. 

stress of wanting to be loved and to be left alone

the stress of wanting to sleep but being restless

the stress of the drive that you might lose

the stress of crying over things that make you happy

the stress of  shattering youself for the perfection

of loving the fall but being afraid of the height.

shivers of every word rushing through you. 

you cant

you wont

but you can

but you have

but you will


no one


will keep you from what you are

its our natural ability to have claws

but it is our moral to retract them

stress you realise

is not tearing you down 

but showing the world 

who and what you are made of

tears are shed but no blood

your innocence revived

but courage rethrived


bless the stress

because only the successful are stressed


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