A Silent Scream


United States
33° 55' 57.8388" N, 84° 4' 10.5456" W

I have never been loud,
but I know how to scream
without making a sound
or making a scene.
You start with a thought
and then stir in repression,
and when that starts to work,
add some passive aggression.
Now bring up the past
every bit that you can,
add a teaspoon of that
and then do it again.
A dash of begrudging
adds flavor to silence
but do not add too much
because that leads to violence.
Chop up the faces
you make when ignored.
It enhances repression
if the faces looked bored.
Mash it together,
beat it down till it’s tough,
then you bake it until
all the edges are rough.
With your hot headed mixture
you can now make a pie:
use the mixture for filling,
for the crust, use a smile.


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