Science, Music, Money, and the Desert


United States
45° 0' 52.0488" N, 122° 56' 12.6708" W

Lalalala I don't know what to do really.

I don't know if to rhyme

I don't know if to squeeze

I don't know....that's something I frequent.

Science is my game

And the more I learn, the less I know.

Well well, this poem sure is boring so far

But not using the cliches

Or the rhymes

Or the iambic pentameter

Makes it at least different.

But perhaps different is not enough

To win over those who handle my financial fate.

This is my fate, indeedly it is.

See while music was my spouse I have gained a new affair

But the maths and the chemicals

Are difficult for me to jive with starting;

Yet I am learning and loving.

It's not just puppy love.

It's not just woof woof.

I keep listening to these songs

They keep calling me back.

Those grades and those marks like to poke this big bear.

But I am content and have help.

My family, those geeky folks in my school,

Have lots of honey.

And I feel less strained.

I want all the money

That rhyme was unintentional.

I want to be a gateway, a freedom-writer maker, a leader.

For teaching for learning for helping young students

Feel this passion with which I have found myself intentionally

And re-ignite their love for learning.

I hope to seem creative to you.

Because this is all I got for you and your pens.

But my fate is in the handles of my financial makers.

Those great oracles in their mystery institutions--

Ones for coffee and scholars and young Latino scientists.

Those who tell you to be yourself

But choose those who are similar.

I am here in the lush woods

I want the dryness and the heat back in my hands.

Money don't make the world go 'round....or does it?


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