Sun, 10/06/2013 - 16:01 -- lbones

She is lost..

Lost among the days of old, banned from the days of new..

Like a wanderer in a maze..

She is confused..

Her tears trapped, her mind dazed, her vision blurred..

Like a swimmer below water.

She is scared..

Her heart beating fast, her palms sweaty, her voice too small to hear

Like a person in her first day of school.

At any millennia, century, era, day, hour, minute, second this could happen to her.

She knows the lonely feeling too well to cast it aside..

Her fear becomes her in this moment.

Her footsteps muted as she walks onto the stage called high school.

They all stare, knowing she’s new and knowing she doesn’t belong.

She stares ahead and walks to a busted up purple bench

Putting on her headphones to tune out the sounds of the world and a book to tune her vision to somewhere else..

She is content...

Very few of her friends have followed her to this new chapter in her life..

And overtime they and she blossoms into unique followers..

Each touched by heartbreak or rejection or ridicule...

Their buds differ from their flowers..

Except for she, who this journey belongs to..

She has grown past the buds of her friends and has become tougher..

Her outer shell tougher than it use to be...

She has changed…

Her heart stronger.. yet it breaks

Her eyes dry .. yet she cries

Her attitude sharp.. yet her judgement is weak

Never mind the thought of the old and the new but welcome the present

Without it she is lost...


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