Who The Hell Invented Mid-Terms


It's another one of those days in which I don't know what to think,
So I think of everything at once.

We spend our lives thinking we're alive
And the sky is said to be blue.
And all other colors exist.
But what if this is really the black and white?
What could we possibly gain
When everything we've ever had was something we could lose?
What's the point in trying to succeed
When the higher chance you have is to fail?

Why do I still try?
Everyone thinks so highly of me,
And I'm the blame for my failure
When I can't even process the world around me long enough to do well and win.
When everything stands in my way.
When my mind is too full of actual life,
Instead of numbers and shit I don't even need in my future.

Why does everyone expect that I be alright
And that if I'm not, then I must be punished until?
Everyone is so assbackwards.



I relate to this too well.

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