Senior Year

You're not allowed to be a kid anymore; no more fooling around, be serious;

every move you make from here on out will affect the rest of your life;

if you don't get a perfect score on every test, you're going to end up working at a fast

food restaurant for the rest of your life; all of your free time has to be devoted to

studying; taking care of your sister should be your first priority; no, getting a job

should be your first priority; just kidding, taking care of your sister, getting a job

and applying to college should be your first priorities; fill your life with extra

curricular activities and community service, it looks good on college applications;

colleges are watching every move you make; at the age of seventeen, you have to

know exactly what profession you're going to pursue for the rest of your life;

you should do something you love, but you have to do something that pays well;

you have to be a doctor or a lawyer; you aren't allowed to go to the mall or the movies

with friends anymore; the only way you get to leave the house is if you're going on

a college visit or an informational meeting about college; always challenge yourself

and when it gets too hard, don't be a wimp: woman up; all of this high school drama

won't matter once you graduate, so stop caring; your friends were going to leave

you after high school eventually, so stop crying and move on; no one cares about

your problems, everyone has problems, you're nothing special; everyone has to deal

with bitchy girls in high school, get over it; why haven't you gotten a job yet?; if you don't get your license

on the first try, you clearly don't know how to drive; parallel parking, parallel parking,

parallel parking; get a job so you can buy a car; buy a car so you can get a job;

if your room isn't spotless, you're grounded for a year; if your chores aren't done,

then you can kiss your phone goodbye; why are you spending so much time on your

phone anyways?; you should be spending your time studying, not on your phone;

what do you mean you didn't get high honors this quarter?; remember, colleges

are watching; finish seven essays, one hundred pages of reading, and five math

packets by tomorrow; stop complaining, at least you have an education; I'm not

complaining, I'm overwhelmed; you seriously still don't have a job?; don't do anything

embarrassing; don't say anything stupid; don't say anything weird; actually, you

probably should just keep your mouth shut anyways; always try your hardest in class;

but not too hard, or else the other kids will make fun of you; but do your best because

colleges are watching; most importantly, aways remember to be yourself and have fun.


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