All Nighter


United States
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My back is aching, my throat is burning, my chest is tight, my toes are cramping.

Copy it.
Paste it.
No plagiarism
No vandalism
No sleep
No shame
Just type, you have a scholarship to gain

“Your health is more important”
Yeah, tell it too the college.
Poking and prodding
Weighing my knowledge

Words turn blurry and thoughts more so
You swore to yourself this would be done an hour ago

Drink coffee
Here’s tea
The adderall will do the trick
My mind is numbing with every click

The homework
The papers
The life
The reality

The family
The problems
The weight
The brutality

Bumping and pounding
The thoughts struggle through my fingers
Smells of seasons and plastic
The Ramen noodles linger

This paper is pathetic
Give up getting the A
Why am I still trying
This was due yesterday



Something simple, hope people enjoy. This is my first poem on this site.


I especially liked your line about the ramen noodles, but I can relate to every bit of this. Thanks for sharing!


This is really good! I don't think they realize how stressful school can be to us..

I hope you're still writing, this one is great.

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