Junior Year

Out of nowhere came junior year

Having peaked in ninth grade, since then I gained weight and my face

Had more acne than before even though they told me it would go away by now.

My lack of sleep, I have dark circles but they claimed “beauty is only skin deep!”

Then why did they comment on my ask.fm that I looked better two years ago?

The lack of praise chips away at my self-esteem, how dare they say shit about me.

I’m too vain to not be liked.

I’m like a fish who jumped out of its tank except instead someone picked me up and threw me on the ground.

High school students are blood-hounds, looking for something to surround and make fun of.

They tell me to stop being a fake, a fatty, a faggot, even though I f*cking know they’re the ones that’ll be sorry.

WHAM! I hit the floor. School’s made me smart.

Even Mean Girls misled me because everyone’s mean, oh how I envy their royalty.

They asked “what’s your SAT?” but they only care to compare theirs

God I swear this is the worst time of my life

You either make a million dollars or none, you either get good grades or have fun, there is no in between.

And what happened to the “it gets better” philosophy they promised me?

More stressed, more depressed, I confess: I don’t know what I want to do.

I must make money because money matters but I’m missing motivation and I just might not know what I want to do...but I digress.

A fate determined by grades and undiscriminating hate, I’m living life simply waiting to graduate

Let me understate: junior year sucks.


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