Lies A Test Tells


Up all night worried about this moment. 

I just need to pass.

I stare at the students faces as the each get their paper back.

One by one relief, fear, stress

all fretting over this one measly test.

This shouldn't define me, passing or failing;

yet it does.


It will tell you if I'm smart, dumb, lazy, or responsible

I know what ever is on the paper wont be truth.

I study for days on end but it will never be good enough

teacher Im street smart, I cant define a verb

quadratic formula, or pi.

This is just a waste of time


If students could have a say school would be different.

Dreams could be coming true.

Students would be succeeding.

Please just give us something we can relate to.


See i want to be a singer,

but theres only one class a day for that dream,

even then people are trying to get rid of programs like that.

They call it a waste of money.

So wait, what am I?

 A waste?

I guess this final test will decide.


Oh no,

theres red every where.

Its a 65.

Each strike a finger pointing at me.

Failure, failure they chant.

I'm done with this sh*t,

I just wanted to pass...


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