another day I wait

For another fresh take on the fundamental question of 'What is Today?'

I don't mean the day of the week  or a arbitrary holiday 

I mean of life


Why do i feel like I'm suffocating?

In this day in and day out tasks that I carry out

Where yes and no seem to rule my mind and my classes seem to cause a incoming tide of overwheliming stress 


A bunch of days that just stream along

8:00am wake up,

get dressed,

it's another day 

The same day, every day 


Where change seems so far off that I can barely see 

Where the news still seem the need to demean 

Where I feel like I can't breathe 


I'm drowning in my 'today'

Because my 'today' is everyday 

My everyday never changes it's a constant reminder 

My change still hasn't come




This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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