Fri, 08/02/2019 - 02:36 -- cisdink

Why does it feel like this? I fee like time is moving forward so fast and I’m barely keeping up. Going through the motions, day by day, week by week. Monday mornings to Sunday nights, seven days full of struggles. During the day everything feels fine, but looking back at night it’s a whirlwind of corrupted data. I said and did so many things that there’s too much to process, and the clock is still ticking, always ticking. Will I ever catch up or will I always be five steps behind, dragging broken pieces through every doorway for eternity? How can I feel happy when I’m so close to falling apart? There are little moments, fleeting seconds of peace, but then the quiet fades and there’s the hum of life, passing through my eardrums and hammering at my brain. Tick, tick, tick, the hands on the clock are moving. Hurry up, the door is about to shut.

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