Stress is a Bitch

Stress is a Bitch

Maleek Mayers


Stress is a bitch,

It’s like an unbearable itch,

No matter how much you scratch,

It never ceases to latch....

Latch onto you like a leach,

Thus, the never-ending nuisance makes you wanna drink bleach...


Stress is bad,

Stress is good,

It could make you weaker,

It could make you stronger...


To handle stress,

Ask: “what’s causing this mess?”


Don’t falter,

But alter.... your view,

Instead of looking at everything as a whole,

Understand that this stress wants to prevent you from attaining your goal...


You gotta find that happy place,

And put a smile on that face...


Break it down,

Rip it apart piece by piece,

Then it will drown,

Then you can finally release.



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