Quick Relationship Rhyme


You had me really scared and disappointed
But we're passed that
Our relationships got ups and downs
Like the NASDAQ
Late nights when no one else would
You'd let me crash at
The crib throwing fibs to those
Who would ask where my ass at
Lately the relationship
Got me fiending for Prozac
I wish to have have dirt on me
As I lay in a casket
Here lies the young man
Who had an asthma attack
The kid, left behind his lady
She tried to jump in with him, man

Our situations got me losing sedation
The frequency of fussing and fucking in different equations
Cause one going up and the other lowering the quota
On God, every night I'll be hard, yet give you the cold shoulder
You're supposed to ride and die for me like a soldier
Go to war for me and build together like business partners
But you're stealing from the employees and loan sharking
I can give a few bones here and there to stop the barking
But the late heart is quieting from this promethazine
Senses of selves and esteem are made of green
Maybe that's true, but for you, and not me
Cause if I'm telling the truth I don't need the money

I just want to lay back and put a seed in your tummy
Watch the wind blow the branches of the family tree running
From me and you and you to me,
It's together and the proposition is frightening
But hold steadfastly onto me,
and we'll make it through the rainy days properly
Because I am for you and you are for me
There are no side shows we are what we seem
The outside appearances don't put the inside on display
Because the only deep feelings
felt are when we're apart babe
But I envision more than that,
way past the snakes and the rats
We must fly up and remain intact,
even if you're drinking from the bats

Cause you know I'm not for it but that's your personality
I like to chill, write, and read: you like to be out partying
With ya homies and ya girlfriends playing pretend
Like they really looking out, I never believed them, man
But you'll just keep juking me while I give the 3rd degree
Feeling like you wouldn't scream if someone murdered me
You just look at me like you never heard of me
Even on the day of our 3rd anniversary
Worthy adversary as my heart starts hurting
The truth is I'm losing hope rather rapidly from sparring
Fear is in my heart and mind and moving faster, B
Knowing that one day we'll come to be a tragedy
A casualty of known causes of man
But lord knows I'm too proud to pray to him
So one time for you baby and two times for me
Three times for you baby and one time for me
I realize we'll never divide this thing evenly
So I'll let you hold the bigger piece if we can keep some peace

The war keeps brewing and the guns keep shooting
We never stop even though we both know we're losing
Amazing, cause I'm gasping, for air I can't breathe
Dying of thirst but you no longer flow from the canteen
Doing the things you want causing some flying sparks
Shooting randomly every way making lines of chalk
Who would've ever thought we'd meet in the dark
Maybe we can fix things if we have a talk
But I'm feeling kind of off the convo is kind of lost
Being together is proving to come at too high of a cost

That's me looking outwardly inward at the thing
I just want to hold you and be done with drama, word to mama
I want to treat with honor and respect ya not haunt ya
But everything I do seems like a bother
Like I'm asking too much when asking you whats 2+2?
You reply with twenty-two making things harder between us, too

Amazing, cause I'm gasping for air, I can't breath
Dying of thirst but you no longer flow from the canteen
I wish to have dirt on me
As I lay in a casket
Here lies the young man
Who had an asthma attack, kid

She tried to jump in with him, man...
She tried to jump in with him, man...


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