You Only Write Once Scholarship Slam.                             


                                                                         I’m stressin.

I’ve got no money to pay for my tuition.

My parents say to go to school; the bust is blackin that ambition.

Society is pushin to get a degree for a better job,

At the cost of my thumbs and legs just for me to study law.

I’m filling out these surveys just to get a scholarship,

I’m stressin, cuz I’m not the only one soliciting.

So many things to do.

So many things I want.

I can write a big list between these lines. SMALL FONT.

But telling you about my stresses won’t sway your mind,

To thinking I’m the ONLY desperate dude standing in line.

Most definitely my passion is to join the wise,

So in the future I can tell my kids, “Dad made it alright.”

To set the tone for the future generations to pass,

To pass the torch down from the first to the last.

To get an education for my family too,

Only thing standing in the way is these debts that COULD BE DUE.

For failure to receive money to pay that tuition,

For the thought of me SCRAPPIN just so I can make a living.

Because I didn’t get a bachelors or a college degree

I’m stressin cuz that’s how my life could pan out to be.

That money seems small to some but to me it’s the future.

                                                   So please. Help me out. I’m Stressin.


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