Give Us Hope


Well teachers, you did it.

You succeeded in breaking us.

We’ve been stressed beyond our explosion point,

Cried for no apparent reason,

And have had several mental breakdowns.


“Read a two hundred page novel in two nights,

The huge project is due in three day,

By the way, here’s a thesis paper due tomorrow.”


We need a freaking break!

Be a hero, and let us get five hours of sleep.

Yes, we want to go to college,

But we need to survive here first.


Do us a favor and ease up on the work load,

We’re trying our best,

But you could help us do better.

Give us time, give us hope, give us help.


I miss my sleep,

I miss my family,

I miss my good grades.


Let me improve,

Help me improve,

I will improve.

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