Mr. Sandman

Mr. Sandman,

why can’t I sleep?

I try so hard and still need relief

While every night, I lay there in waiting

But instead, my thoughts are introspective wailing.

For you see sir,

all that I see

Is every flaw and issue in me.

Please give me some magic scheme

To avoid this inner study.


Mr. Sandman,

Should I take pills?

Cause I would rather have dreams than be stilled

As my chest’s crushed and cold hands choke me

Cause paralysis summons up a kelpie

Biting  as I choke on air

For nothing she brings gives any care

And I can’t sleep because of her stare.



Lend me some peace,

If this goes on, I doubt I can keep

For every night I struggle and snivel

For my own mind refuses to control

All this doubt and horror and mindless disorder and purely unfounded and overall quite confounding depictions of mayhem and my own deficiencies while I am half asleep and why can I only sleep during car rides am I narcoleptic or worse-?

Is this nature or am I fitfully cursed!?


Mr. Sandman,

You leaned an ear,

But being honest, I’m not one you hear.

Leave me be another year,

For Sir Sandman, I’ve drowned you in fears


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