Stress Fractures

I feel it coming like a wave

about to crush me.  

the pain of having nothing. 

All these worries to worry about

I get all strung up and i wanna pull my hair out. 

I'm always stressed.

Too much pressure and I'll break.

my life is in pieces.

fractured and misplaced.

I've gota lot on my mind

and a lot on my plate. 

I take a breath.

in. out. 

but my lungs won't inflate.

anxiety threatens me. 

im in a panic,

and i gotta get away. 

before it's too late.

everybody wants something from me,

my time.

my money.

but i've given so much,

i'm runnin on empty.

It's no wonder I broke down.

cause I'm broke now.

trying to pay my way.

It costs an arm and a leg,

to live and learn.

so im crippled.

and they expect me to run, 

when i cant even crawl.

i'm hopeless.

maybe if i owed less?

i could fix this mess,

but you can't fix the past

you can only hope for the best

so i hope for a miracle

because with out one, 

I'm just one more roaside wreck.




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