Thoughts PART 1

Someday sincere lips will brush against yours

And he won't leave 

Someday you'll feel strength in your heart mind and body

You won't feel fatigue

Someday your mind will be clear

Everything that caused so much confusion

And seemed impossible to grasp or out of your reach

... Will make sense

You won't feel as though others are intelligent and you aren't

At long last you'll understand Someday your life will be secure

You won't have to worry about not affording this or that

It'll be there

You'll start to feel younger and more at ease when you're older

And you'll notice not only the crisp wind but also the soft breeze coasting near your shoulders Tensions on your back and your neck will be no more

Gentle loving hands will have solved that for you

And once again will be able to lie down with ease at night 

 You're so young yet feel so old and worn down by worries and responsibilities that shouldn't even be yours yet but it wasn't your choice

You'll be okay

You'll feel as young as you look and as young as you are

In time

This poem is about: 
Our world


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