Ripped apart from the relentless currents of stress, 

It's difficult to decide for yourself what is best.

Trying to fight it, it only pushes you further back.

Maybe it is trying to teach us what we lack?

Now, is it the strength to get through the day?

Month, year or even just life?

Sometimes the tension of it all can be too much to bare.

But we all must remain aware. Remain aware that life is a game

without dice and we must find a glitch in the wheel we spin to 

manipulate and give advice on how to succeed.

Help each other while we can because we are all eventually ripped

apart from the tide and seperated with nowhere to hide.

Create, salvage and cherish the moments you have with family and peers

because they all will be gone in the coming years.

It is difficult to hear about what we would hate to see.

Unfortunately, that is our reality.

Find your escape, lose yourself, and then find yourself within it.

Lastly, remind yourself that you still have the option to say, "fuck this

I want to win it!"

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