Eyes closed … Breathing deep,

Painful memories you wish you didn’t have to keep.

Like a broken mirror you’re shattered,

Pieces of you reflecting the pain and most of your heart is scattered.


The water drips down your face,

You start to picture that terrible place.

Hiding your tears in the running water,

Maybe the pain will go away if you make it hotter…

How could he do this to someone’s daughter?


Rub your eyes and breathe in the steam,

You’re safe for now it’s just a bad day dream.

Step out, cover up,

Still feeling all shook up,

Run a brush through your hair,

Each pull of a tangle is bringing up images you can’t bear.

Rub the moisture off the mirror,

You look at yourself but your thoughts aren’t any clearer.

Getting tired and on the brink of giving up,

You’re a broken empty cup.


You pick up all the pieces of yourself you can find,

Making sure not to leave anything but the bad behind.

Put on your nice clothes and that nice smile,

Breaking inside but you need to be strong for a little while.


Your little while is feeling too long,

You’re tired of hearing that same painful, endless song.

Your heart physically aches,

Your body shakes.

Lights go dim,

You just ended everything on an impulsive whim.

Eyes closed … Breathing deep,

This is all over now…these memories you no longer have to keep.


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