Heart Attack

Thu, 08/28/2014 - 13:51 -- AndyD


I could have wrote this better if i revised but keep it original
56° 7' 49.3176" N, 106° 20' 48.3756" W
It's Pain which lead's us to Achieve Some 
thing Special..
For to long 'My Dad' like so many 
         Denied the Facts His health had to Say
         "Probably just Cigarettes" A"
         With denial usually comes Regrets  No Relay  
      So he hacks all night & Day
             The Feeling of being taxed and played 
           Knowing if he didn't get any help hes to blame                        He Relied on His Guts and His Pain 
                         and probably felt a bit ashamed  
                              He had to get a check up
                                Got in the truck and 
                               drove himself all the Way
                -The Dr. Lied and Gave  'Him  The OK-
            Walking to the Doorway  'collapsed there
      The Floor where He Laid  helpless until he got Care
                  The Hospital is where He Stayed
                        He had a Heart Attack 
                   "They should Pay"  'its not Fair
                  I didn't even Ask the Dr.'s Name 
                For his life may compare the Same
             'I mean, Never mind  He avoided his Grave
                Our Dad, Husband, Son  almost Died 
                        Luckily He was Revived 
                   Were just happy He still Alive                  
      All we could do is Prey sending out our Prayer
                  We love U Dad  We Love U Dear
                   In my mind i knew he was fine
               But was still triggered about the time   
               my Brother (Mikey) committed suicide  
        I felt terrible and wanted to cry But held it inside 
                     Grind my teeth & shed a tear  
                waited for the emotion to disappears
                  we make more reasonable decision
                     when are heads are more clear                          
                         ,,But Dad wants to Stay
              Knowing needed to change or He'd Pay
                He took a good look in the Mirror
                          I got a Family & Peers
                            That need Me Here
     And I got more to Say & More Memories to Share'
                Said no more Cigarettes & Beers
                      If Don't Relapse  No Tears
               I got time off to Relax  &  Less Fears
     Long Naps and eating right letting the lungs Clear
                   Then go Back to work    So Cheers 
                   To the Act of several more Years


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