Head Anxiety

Sun, 06/15/2014 - 17:16 -- smidddi


"It’s fine, don’t worry about it."

Are always the first words to come out,

"It’s all in your head, you’ve got this."

While wanting to spill your lunch on the floor.

Hands shake and arms quake,

Like someone beat your heart with a rake.

Raked it over the coals,

In front of spectators and the curious.

What do you really think?

The words in your head,

those thoughts in your hands,

only in motion by a st-st-stammering mouth.

Eyes glass as you come out of class,

and smiles are frowns in disguise,

as the dams finally break.

Keep calm, keep straight,

and try not to hesitate.

Chin up, chest out,

through the nerves and through the cry outs.

Shaking like a leaf,

quaking while you sleep,

hearing your heartbeat in your ear,

but don’t make a peep.

It’s a controller,

a tyrant of the mind,

pulling at the nodules in your brain,

to control the worms to eat out the good.

You go on with a hole’d mind,

With waste of the good chewed up in acid,

Left in the skull to fester.

To rot and meld into confused delirium.

Hands shake and arms quake,

Repairing the gored holes in your brain,

to rid of the acid and provide the antidote.

To ease the pain.

To have a gain.

To rid the worms of their festering nest,

while you just sit and hope for the best.

To control what is your own,

And yours alone.


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