That Fire House Bunk

Sun, 06/10/2018 - 22:30 -- Neftee


The light flicked

The darkness hid.


The cat whispered

To the cockroach In the crib,

The baby is dead,

The house is filled with holes

And no water,

Just blood in the tub instead.


Goes the boots over fallen limbs

Both of the treas

And the babys kin.

Shaking in my safe spot,

In the shade is where the demons live


Get out!

I cant handle this.

I need a hand,

but they keep pulling me under!

I was never meant to be this way.


That's the thunder!

It shakes the foundation Of my structure,

The one I built around me,

I'm lost!

I lost myself,

but i'm a hunter,

I'm tracking me,

Finding me,

Sighting me,

Aiming for me

Pulling that trigger and


The lights flicked.


The world whispers

Its goodnight kiss.


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