Currently I'm a Senior who  has had a very complicated junior year

Having lost many friends

And coming to the realization that  I can't be perfect had dissapionted me

Not making my aunt proud also added to the stress pile however

Going steadily strong with help from friends and concentration helped me get through the tough year

Even though my gpa dropped throughout the school year and

I dissapionted my aunt many times I got over the hump of life called being

Slick at the mouth and sneaky with actions but throughout the year I progressed to being able to be

Open with my aunt, So there was no more need for me to be sneaky;

Knowing that not getting A's and B's on my test or quizzes isn't the end of the world 

And knowing  that everything is still going to be okay; also cut my stress level in half which made my change to a newer person easier for the coming new


This poem is about: 
Guide that inspired this poem: 


I'm excited to see what the judges feel about my poem, because to me this poem speaks to many teenagers

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