Is there no end?

Work and more work,

Task and another task,

Deadline and just a continuing chain of things to do,

What's the use of it all?

Is there no such thing as a break?


Of course not.

There's no break for us,

The human race,

Because no matter what we do,

It's inevitable for there to be an activity to be completed.



As individuals,

Can think constantly

That if we let go of all the little things in life,

Maybe, just maybe,

We can get a break for just a moment,

But as soon as we let go of something,

It's handed right to someone else.


People normally work in shifts,

Some with a day shift,

Some with the night shift.

As soon as the day shift passes,

There's a moment of peace for one,

But what happens to that job previously worked?

It's passed onto the person with the night shift.


We'll never relax.


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