Dreams to Chase


Every minute I sleep

I feel them escape

I got dreams to chase

Funny..I should be sleeping to see dreams

But I rather be awake

When I finally reach where I want in life the moment I could take

..a deep breath

Inhale dreams exhale success

Slowed down by the minute when it’s all stress

I guess that’s the struggle to face when you’re trying to be the best

Felt like I  faced it all but it’s not over

More hurdles to jump while chasing the dream

Feeling close watching it in my eyes

But I fell down while running

Some things catch you by surprise

But I have to be on my job cause just like the sun

It’s time to rise

But I am not trying to set yet

Clouds in my way getting me upset

Burn through the clouds and shine out

Overtime while chasing my dreams no time outs

Running until I can’t anymore that what’s I’m about 




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