Minimum Wage

You do not need a second job

My mother used to say

But ma I’ve got this mouth to feed

And bills I’ve got to pay. 



Isn’t one enough for you

To land you on your feet?

But minimum wage can not fulfill

A maximum man like me.



Those jobs of yours are gonna cause

Your hair to fade to grey

I know that mom, but I need the dough,

It’ll all be fine someday. 



She says you’re like your father

An insult she knows I hate

But maybe oh just maybe

That life will be my fate. 



A greedy hurtful human

With a greedy hurtful fist

Who beats his hurting children

Who regrets the life he missed. 



I promise mom that won’t be me

I’ll show you in the end

If I can just find one more job

I won’t break, I’ll bend.

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