Nothing Good

I hate how nothing good ever matters to people, never counts. 
You’re a straight A student, but have a D in one class: that’s what colleges will ponder on. 
You’ve been there for your friend ever time she’s fallen into darkness, but let her go once, because you were trying to save yourself: you get smashed for not being supportive enough. 
You pass all your exams with excellent grades, and have an accident with one of them: your parents scold you about your “potential” and how you don’t live up to your and their own expectations. 
You tell your partner you loved them every second you’re alive, but happen to drift off for a bit: you’re not loving enough. 
You’re a good kid and you never get in trouble, but get caught once smoking or drinking: you’re immediately assumed to be irresponsible. 
Your people are generally generous and loving people, one psycho bombs a place: an entire population is deemed nurturing to terrorists or thugs (POC exclusive, what a joy). 

Everyone seems to always focus about the one thing that went wrong, instead of all the things that went right. 

If people spent more energy focusing on the good, think of how many wars wouldn’t have happened, how many hearts would unbreak, how many friendships would revive & how many liaisons would be restored?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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