We are SGA

Wed, 05/15/2013 - 04:39 -- VanH


United States
40° 35' 49.7328" N, 74° 37' 41.9952" W

We are not only friends
But not simply coworkers.
We volunteer our time
To work as a team
In sync with harmony
Sometimes with lurch and tramp
That does not represent
The good side of us.
We believe in integrity
Each of us possesses.
We trust in commitment
And preparation for success
That each person self-motivates.
We want to have fun time
As working together,
But as time harshly pushes
Fish philosophy comes in handy.
When everyone does nothing
And assumes others do something,
Nothing comes out right
But Advisor gets it right
By his witty no-one anyone poem.
It sheds us a light blub
The value of honesty
The importance of saying NO
And the fact that we’re a team
Full of committed officers
Who are not perfect,
But excellence is the goal.
We are SGA.


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