all fall down (?)

fighting writhing agony with

screaming voices in my head and

on and on throughout my day for

evermore they say that I can’t

measure up, and till i drop i’ll

fail without a way to win ‘cause

that is just the way it always

is and always will remain so

why not stop and just give up since

i will always lose it’s pointless


homework tests and all my jobs that

try to overwhelm my heart and

hold before me threatening that

if i fail i’ll let them down and

all i’ve built will all fall down so

work and work until i’m dead at

least my public standing’s standing

still i’ll keep my feelings to my-

self what if they all escape and

broadcast all my issues to the world


But when I’m sure in who I am

The One who made me holds my hand

There is no fear but only faith

That I am more than all my fails



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