Wed, 09/24/2014 - 01:10 -- alymie

I am twisted

I am new and different

yet, blind to the new body that is my mind and soul

I am fear

I feel fear

I can't think anymore

I don't trust myself to think

though I am most trustworthy of all

I am loyal to you


In my fear I do not know my own mind

I am blind, BLIND

I feel like a blind man 

my mind in a bowl

I try to pick the eggshells out from the shattered glass

to put myself back together

but the fear and the cuts I cannot bear

so I hide

HIDE in my silence awaiting your commands

wishing for your truth that never comes

The elephant in the room has exploded

it's stain never left me then..

Now you have left and my fear is gone

I can think again, so gloriously

I can think

oh so clearly

thank God!





I like it...the elephant in the room has exploded

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