Our generation



They say it happens all the time.

High school.

They say everyone gets made fun of.

High school.

They say everybody makes mistakes.

High school.

Well “they” aren’t in this generation, and “they” haven’t dealt with being a mother at 16,

A father at 15,

A pot head at 14,

A smoker at 13,

 Loosing virginity at 12,

Beaten at 11,

Bullied at 10,

 Cutting at 9,

 Parents splitting at 8,

Feeling lonely at 7,

Dealing with fights at 6,

Wondering what the point of life is at 5,

Thinking life never ends at 4,

Wanting to grow up at 3,

 Being careless at 2,

 Learning at 1,

 Being an accidental, broken condom, forgot to take birth control case at 0.

Tell me does this happen all the time or is it just another simple generation like yours?


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