The Alphabet Ruled My Life

When I left home

A short five months ago

I had my priorities set

And was not prepared to roam


College was what I had prepared for

Before I knew the alphabet could rule my life

A’s, A’s, A’s that’s all I cared about

Valedictorian status was my reward


My first semester came and went

And so did fifteen pounds

Grades, exercise, a social life

Are not so heaven sent


A failure or two

Was what it took

To realize life isn’t dictated by letters

But I didn’t have a clue


D doesn’t mean I’m not worth it

C doesn’t mean I’m not a hard worker

B doesn’t mean I missed out



A doesn’t mean I’m holding it together

Or valuing my life

Or excelling at my classes

And it means nothing if I give up in the process


So my paradigm is shifted

I realize life is more than letters

Life has meaning now

that the weight of the A is lifted


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