Tender Souls

The flock finds nothing to worry about.

For with the cold sun,

It shall fly south.


The lion wrinkles not

Despite its kindred loss.

The fight they have fought.


The sparrow does not distress,

For in the hands of the sky

It trusts its soul will rest.


But the human sweats the coming rain.

And the tender souls worry of pain

That has not come and cannot be seen.

Oh, tender soul, what does it mean?


The flower glows and then it fades

It does not gloat, it does not shame.

All in what seems to be a day.


The maple weathers its skin.

Springtime lets its beauty begin

And does not disdain when its leaves must loosen.


And the human sheds a tear

For every passing year.

in fear of losing what's been always near.


For the tender soul sweats the coming rain.

And the lost heart worries of pain

That has not come and cannot be seen.


Oh, tender soul, tell me, what does it mean?

Won’t you merely pass and fade like the tide?

Why will you under the clouds hide?

Won’t your beauty flourish like the flower?

With nothing in your frail power?

So fly like the flock, fly away.

When the cold decides to stay.

Stand tall with the tree, let your leaves fall

When time brings forth your curtain call.

And try, like the driven sparrow flies,

To let your soul be given to the skies.


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Our world


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