What is sleep?

A “balanced teenage life”, they say

That’s what is best, without a doubt

But no one understands that this cliché

Is such a paradox

We just can’t do it all.


The AP courses, active lifestyle, love of arts

A job, a future, college at our doorsteps

Leadership, music, glue to broken hearts

And did I mention volunteering?


“Make sure to study! Eat a balanced meal!

Find something that you’ll do forever”

You better come to school no matter just how sick you feel

Or else the makeup work will suffocate you


And while you’re at it – work the latest shift

Come home from practice and don’t dare to take a nap

If your creative thoughts decide to fly and drift

Don’t let them, or you’ll fall behind.


Make best friends with your prep books, study hard!

“I know you have the time, you lazy kids!”

A social life means projects in the yard

Because healthy means fresh air, we need that, too.


Adults don’t understand how hard it sometimes is

For us, good kids, to simply sleep and breathe.


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